A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Godly Corp is also available on Steam! Add it to the WISHLIST to know about discounts!

DISCLAIMER: This demo is no longer supported and doesn't have all the bug fixes and balance changes that were made for the full version on Steam.

Godly Corp - Play as intern god in a corporation. Use your tentacle arm to perform many unusual office tasks. Master woobly tentacle physics and try to not destroy all life on the planets that you take care of. Every day brings completely new challenges. Expect everything including chainsaw robots, bug infestation, space 

Do you want to do something meaningful in your life? Do you desire more responsibility like responsibility for the fate of the multiverse hanging in the balance? You might want to consider a career with Godly Corp, an upcoming over-the-top simulator with a focus on woobly tentacle physics! Rest assured that every mistake will bring tremendous consequences, just as you wanted!

There also won't be time for you to burn out in this job as EVERY day is a completely new challenge. 

On Monday you will be fighting bug infestation, Tuesdays are usually the days when someone tries to rob us, Wednesday might be the casual day! If these assignments sound too easy to you then we guarantee that the more experienced you are the more interesting challenges you will get! 

As you can see this is a dream job! Add Godly Corp to your Wishlist and sign up today for a better tomorrow!

*No healthcare is provided to the employees of Godly Corp


Mouse - move around the tentacle 
Scroll - move tentacle closer / further
Right Mouse Button - pick up / drop objects that you are touching the tip of the tentacle
Left Mouse Button - use object that you are holding (not all objects can be used)
WASD - rotate planet

If you have any questions or would like a key for a review or anything, please contact us!

Godly Corp is also available on Steam! Add it to the WISHLIST to know about discounts!

Check out the artist who composed most of the music for Godly Corp!

Andrzej 'Lemuriams' K- https://soundcloud.com/lemuriams


Godly Corp.zip 249 MB
Godly Corp (Linux).zip 264 MB
Godly Corp (MAC).zip 251 MB

Development log


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mega fun,really liked it!

Well,i`ve done it!

It took




of procrastination

but i`ve done it!

the pinnacle of human entertainment!


Awesome game and I think I will be buying the steam version of the game because this was genuinly fun to play. Its weird and wacky humour with its cartoony asthetic wook so well together. Anyone who has not played this game needs to download it and play it because it is brilliant. 

The only flaw is that I couldn't pick up the bugs and throw them around the room and for a physics game such as this, that was a bit of a disappointment but overall, the game is fantastic to play. They lied to us. Gods are not humanlike at all. They are tentacle aliens from another planet here to control us. GODS ARE ALIENS.


Awesome  game,  i love thhe concept and it reminded me alot of hand simulator, i had a lot of fun, great job!

Not exactly what I envisioned being God as, but I enjoyed it all the same. Too bad I suck at multi-tasking...


Great job once again! It looks better, it plays better, it IS better. I loved it just as much as the first time and i will eventually get around to playing the full thing :D

Thanks for all the kind words, glad you enjoyed the demo and I hope that full game will make you like the game even more ;)


I enjoyed this one, JUST AS MUCH as the alpa/beta I might have made it farther, you know I love your tracks, the music was FIRE like REALLY Good, Ima need that soundtrack! haha could not help but dance 50% of the time, I liked the mechanics, the twists of using a arm simulator was challenging, but not too difficult! can't wait to try the game out, and I will definitely do a game play on that, loved this! :D

Hey! Thank you very much for checking Godly Corp once again! The full OST isn't available anywhere yet but i will let you know if that changes. However, many of the tracks used in the game are from this artist, enjoy!



OH YES you best believe Ima check them out, thank you guys! :D haha


Thank you for the heads up on the update, Matt loved the improved grapics.

Thanks for playing the new demo, glad you enjoyed it!

Matt was  even more proficient with the tentacle than the last time ;)


New demo new video


Thank you very much for re-visiting Godly Corp!

Sorry about 'minor' glitches, will try to polish it ASAP

(1 edit) (+1)

It was top notch. I loved the humor!


Hey!  Thanks for the kind words! 
You really quickly got comfortable with that tentacle!

Thanks, something about it made it feel so...familiar.


I played this game months ago, but it's even funnier and more silly than I remember! The new graphics update looks amazing compared to it before. Hope the steam release goes well tomorrow! Hope guys enjoy the video! 

Thank you very much for playing the demo again! Glad you enjoyed this 'enhanced edition' ;)


Well sorry it took me 6 months to respond to your email,but if it makes you feel any better i really enjoyed the game and hope for more updates in the future!
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This game was very strange but a lot of fun, I found myself smiling and cracking up the whole time I played. It feels like a fusion of Surgeon Simulator and Octodad, which is a good thing since both those games have been well received and are a blast to play.  I had a hard time figuring out how to grab things, but thats because I have a tendency to be a little dense haha. You can watch my lets play below, but to really experience this game give it a try yourself!


Very fun concept, and it controls pretty well. Good luck with the full release!

I clicked off a few times during the space level, so that's the one thing I would say to look into.

(1 edit) (+1)

Matt really enjoyed this, here's our channel link if, anyone would like to see his let's play.

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I enjoyed your game

here is the link to my channel if you want to subscribe or see my other videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCakMhM7_qW80hLSzuGoEBGg

here the video


Such a fun game with lots of memes!

I loved the Polish poster on the wall aswell!

Great job, can't wait for more levels in the future!

My gameplay:

Glad you liked the game and recognized so many classic memes! And you even noticed the poster. Hopefully the full release will be even more fun to play for you!


Super fun and entertaining simulator game!!!!

That's some next level editing! Thank you for the video and happy to hear that you liked the game.


(◎ー◎;)I'm Fine. sure, meteorites and hammers why not. (Final Level)

Fun times protecting the universe and whatnot, 1 fist into my monitor out of 10 headaches! (一。一;;)

Ha, nice to see that you completed to demo. That's true that game can be pretty rage inducing but you did pretty good in that level ;)


loved your game! Will be finishing it soon, I want sure what to think the 2nd level definitely took me by surprise! 

Yeah second level in the demo  has a pretty nice twist, glad that you enjoyed playing the game :D 
And just a fair warning that last level is even more hectic ;)


I had an absolute blast playing through Godly Corp! The physics are hilarious and the game is such a funny experience! I can't wait for the full release of your game! Also Thank you for reaching out to me and telling me about your game!  

Thank you very much for making the video, happy to hear that you liked the game. Full release will be even crazier, we can promise you that ;)


love it


A nice addition to the wacky physics genre. It was pretty tough though! Lots to do in a short amount of time. Switching between different items to save myself was especially difficult. Seems to be coming along well for an early demo. I recorded some of my time with it below. Good luck with the project!


Thanks! Also that's a nice editing and pretty funny commentary, glad that you liked the game!



Un concept super original j’ai tout simplement adoré! Je crois être une bonne recrue pour la gestion de planètes ;)


That's great game! I really played Fun!
재밌게 즐겼어요 :)


So thanks for reaching out to me, I didnt finish but I think I did pretty well the game mechanics were shifty at first but figured them out! I thought the mechanics for this game was really amazing! and creative! I really loved it and would love to know when you do more!

Thanks for making the video, really happy that you enjoyed the game! We will let you know once the game is released ;)


Had a ton of fun with this game! Everything feels really good and responsive, controls weren't too difficult, super well done! Thank you so much for your email and I'm looking forward to the full game! Hope you enjoy the video! 

Thank you very much for making the video, glad that you enjoyed the game! Full release is coming and going to hit hard ;)


Like a cross between Job Simulator and Surgeon Simulator with added Cthulu. 

That's pretty much sums it up ;) We are aiming more towards Octodad than Job Simulator but I guess Job Simulator is also pretty close to our game. Thank you very much for the video!


This game was great. It was as floppy, difficult, and weird as i was hoping it would be. Can't wait for more :D

Thanks for the video, glad that you enjoyed playing the demo, full release won't disappoint you!


This was a super unique experience that mixed a lot of elements from Job Simulator and Octodad. I was going to suggests a VR version but it looks like that is in the works! The game was perfect and had so much more built into it than meets the eye. The game itself ran super smooth and had phenomenal graphics. I'm absolutely in love with physics game and for a demo/early access, this one was built very well! The dialogue was witty and pretty funny. The multitasking aspect of the game is brilliant. It wasn't too difficult but it definitely created a sense of urgency. I can't wait to see where this goes! Thanks so much for making this!

Thank you for such detailed feedback! And we are extremely happy to hear that you liked the game. The VR version depends on it how well our crowdfunding campaign does but hopefully we will be able to start working on it soon! 

Thanks for making the video and exposure, it really helps us a lot!


Even though I am terrible at this game I had a fun time.

You did pretty good all things considered, in full version these levels will be much more polished. Thanks for the video and valuable feedback!


this game was loads of fun can’t wait to see the full  Version of it. Well worth a download 👍🏻 

Thank you for making the video, glad that you liked the game :) Full release will get even more hectic!


This was very fun and challenging, excited for the full game!

Hey, thanks for the video, it was pretty fun to watch. And maybe we should name the AI 'Karen', somehow it really fits her ;)

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Really fun game! Thanks so much for stopping by the stream. I wish you all the luck with the indiegogo. <3 

Thank you, it was really fun to be in the chat during the stream and watch you play the game live! Thank you for the stream and video!


I would like to start, by thanking you, for inviting me to play this game! You can't imagine how happy and excited to play your game, you made me! So thank you!

Now, when it comes to the game, it's really interesting. Definitely takes some time to get used to the controls, but it's not hard to play. I really like the concept and the idea behind it! Super fun to play too!

I would like to ask you, what do you plan to "change", before you publish the whole game? I'm asking, cause I have some suggestions... It would be nice if there was a story (not sure if there is one...) and maybe a shop where you can buy upgrades?

Anyway... To sum things up, great game, really fun to play, I do recommend it and I would love to see where things go in the future!

Once again, thanks for informing me about it, I wish you luck with your future projects and I really hope you like the video I made! <3


That's a very detailed feedback, thanks for writing it and making the video!

Before the full release we want to make more levels (depending on how well the IndieGoGo campaign does) and perhaps make VR port. We would like to implement some light story elements in Godly Corp and maybe give some depth to the characters. Your video was really entertaining and thanks again!

Hey everybody, just wanted to share with you another video made about Godly Corp!


EVERY-ThINg iS FINE. (҂⌣̀_⌣́)

will probably consider playing the full game, if my blood pressure goes down by then

That was a really funny video! You did pretty well with the two first levels, last one is even more hectic though ;)


Thanku very much! glad you enjoyed it <3 i'll be doing a part 2 in a few days so we'll see how tough it is (╯’□’)╯︵ ┻━┻


Made a video

Thanks, you two make a good team. It was really entertaining to watch how you beat each level (and got so close to beating the last one)

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